Park Information


Property Management

Property Management office is located on site.


Maintenance crew is located on site.

Daily Porters

2 on-site porters maintain the cleanliness of the restrooms and common areas a minimum of twice a day

24-Hour Security

24-hour manned Security guard at the front gate. Card key access is available to gate and buildings after hours.


Corporate Park of Doral has 5 parking spaces per 1000 sf. Generous parking areas are available both in front and in back of all buildings.

High-Speed Internet

Comcast and AT&T high speed internet are available within the park

Ease of Access

Signalized intersection at the Entrance/Exit to the park. It is always easy to get in and out. In addition, there is access to SR 826 from NW 36th Street and NW 58th Street.

Park Renovations

Recent renovations include all new mechanical systems for all the elevators in our 3 story buildings. Common areas are in the process of being upgraded and several buildings are complete.


Well-maintained and clean landscaping creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for your business and clients.

Car Wash

Corporate Park of Doral offers an on-site car wash service.